Making Your Google AdSense Ads Really Responsive

Some JS magic to have responsive ads for a responsive website
Google AdSense provides us with a list of pre-defined ad sizes (like "970x90 - Large Leaderboard"). In addition to this, you can also chose the option "Responsive ad unit (BETA)". This is great, but there are still some limitations if you use the code straight up.

The E-bike Experiment

Riding a bike converted to electric on a 60km commute
I used to live within 5km from work and I enjoy commuting with my bike. After moving to the suburbs, I still wanted to ride my bike. The problem is, the distance is now 30km. With a round trip of 60km, the only practical way for me to continue riding a bike is to have some kind of assistance. There are e-bikes and e-scooters in the market today, but after doing some research, I decided to convert an existing bike, a Jamis X2 2011, to electric on my own. The result is the e-bike you see above.